How NOT to start your Monday

First thing: Clock radio isn’t working right. We’ve been on vacation, so we haven’t been using it. I remembered to turn it on, but evidently the tuning has drifted because all we hear is static. I attempted to retune it in my usual groggy state, but not very successfully. It apparently doesn’t want to recieve any radio stations this morning.

Second thing: Cable modem isn’t working. “Cable” light isn’t on. Wonder of wonders, though, when I call Time Warner they actually admit there is a problem. In the past, my history with Time Warner has been that I call to report a problem, and they say that nothing is wrong anywhere, so they schedule a service call about 4 or 5 days from now. An hour or two later, I call and there is a huge wait time on hold because everybody else in Rochester has discovered their cable modems aren’t working either, and when I finally get through this time they admit the problem, and I cancel the service call and then some time later the cable modem comes on.

Third thing: My badge doesn’t work in the turnstyle at work. Oh oh. I’m a contractor, and contractors live on a hair trigger anyway, especially since Kodak stock is plummetting. Could this be the long-feared layoff? Turns out no, it’s just some paperwork didn’t get done.

When I finally get into work, my home page loads so I know that the cable modem access at home has come back magically, so I log back in to find mail and news flowing. So things are looking up a bit.