Still no medical, dammit

As mentioned in previous blog entries, I’ve been without an aviation medical since the 1st of September. At the time, the Aircraft Owners and Pilot’s Association was saying that 3 of the 7 FAA medical examiners who deal with cases like mine were with their reserve units in Iraq, and to expect a 12 to 16 week delay getting your case reviewed. Then, a month after that, I phoned the FAA Aeromedical people to see what was happening, and they assured me that the 3 medical examiners were back, and the backlog had been dealt with, and my case was already under review. That was October. October came and went, and in December I phoned again, and was told that yes, it was currently under review. They also suggested I phone every week so my file will keep near the top of the pile. So here I am, phoning for the third time this month. And there is still no fucking news. I’d get angry, but the people on the phone are always so gosh darned nice. I suppose that’s why they located the Aeromedical branch in Oklahoma City instead of Washington DC.

If I don’t get my medical back soon, I’m going to have to go back on the anti-depressants for FAA-induced depression.