Political Rants

Vicki asks me why I don’t post much political stuff, since I have strong political opinions. I’ll tell you why.

First of all, I spend a lot of time talking with a bunch of people who also have strong political opions. One set of mailing lists is inhabited by people who I mostly agree with politically, but who are better at expressing it than I am and who have much better political credentials than me. Then there’s the pilots mailing lists – when they start talking politics, I’m liable to get apoplectic. A lot of people on these pilots lists aren’t just strongly right wing, they’re also the type of strong right wing people who “argue” by lying about what you said and “refuting” the lie, by going off on irrelevant tangents, and who will not admit to being wrong, ever. So mostly I just shut up, and take out my pent out need to rant about poltics on poor Vicki.

Another reason is that I read Mark Morford’s column. After reading that Rush Limbaugh stepped down from the sports network’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” three days after saying on the show that McNabb was overrated because the media wanted to see a black quarterback succeed, and two days after his 235,887th piece of verbal and ideological proof to the universe as a whole that he should be strung up by his bitter shriveled racist homophobic testicles and slapped with large dead fish until he cries and begs to be kissed full on the mouth by a large gay black man named Ricky, what is there to add?