The New York Times has an article about my very favourite TV series of all times.

Spies Who Were Cool and Very, Very Cold

My Series 3 DVDs just arrived a few days ago, and I’ve already watched all of the episodes. Before that, I had a bunch of 3rd or 4th generation video tapes that were barely watchable. It’s sure nice to have them on DVD now.

Interestingly enough, the reason it’s taken until now for DVDs of the third series to come out is that there was some confusion about who owned the copyright. It was more convoluted than the whole SCO versus Linux thing.

There’s a fan site for the series. It’s pretty well done.

US and its neighbours

I just read this article about the US and how they keep slighting if not deliberately rebuffing Canada and Mexico.

U.N. Wire | 2003.10.14 | Crossette

One thing the article doesn’t mention, but something that my parents and other Canadians mention a lot is that with 60,000 Americans being given extremely generous hospitality on Canadian soil when their planes were grounded on 11Sep01, Canadian police, firefighters and avalance rescue workers pouring across the border in any transportation they could scrounge (often paid out of their own pocket), the Canadian government offering troops and financial aid, George Bush gave a speech at Ground Zero praising the nations that had rushed to aid the US, but didn’t mention Canada even once.

And meanwhile, Hillary Clinton is still beating the drums about how lax Canadian borders let the terrorists in, in spite of the fact that not one of the terrorists did come through Canada, and that cross border trade should be stopped or curtailed until Canada beefs up her border security.