Corporate Culture

The culture here is in most ways much more stolid and constrained that at any other place I’ve worked at. The dress code is strict, the hours you can work are tightly controlled, etc. Maybe it’s the lack of other outlets, but one thing that’s curious here are how it seems like every day there is some excuse to have a pot-luck pile of food at somebody’s cubicle. Usually it’s a birthday, today it’s some student finishing his work-term and going back to school. It’s very odd. And fattening.


Oh man, it’s too bad my pay just went down a big chunk and I’ve had to swear off the impulse purchases. Because I just got my hands on my first G1 phone, and I like it. A lot. Not as sweet as a iPhone, but I love the keyboard and the fact that it has cut and paste. Unfortunately T-Mobile’s 3G network is pretty sparse compared to AT&T’s. And there aren’t as many cool apps for the G1 phone. Maybe that’s the incentive I need to wait for version 2 of the phone. Yeah, that’s it. I’m not stuck with my outmoded and obsolete Treo, I’m waiting for version 2.

NRA assholes

I got a phone call from the NRA. They’ve been persistent about it – evidently they called a couple of times and asked for me when I wasn’t there, so somehow I got on their list as a gun owner, even though I haven’t owned a gun since long before I moved to this country. They made me listen to a recorded message from the president of the NRA with a bunch of bullshit about how Barack Obama wants to team up with Nancy Pelosi and Hillary Clinton to steal your guns. Then they asked me a couple of questions:

The first one was “Are you a proud gun owner” – I said yes, even though I’m not, just to see where they were going with this (as if I didn’t know).

The second one was an incredibly leading question about Obama, something about being worried about his “anti-gun ownership agenda”, and when I said “Absolutely not”, the questioner was utterly flat footed, like she’d never heard anybody answer the wrong way before. She thanked me for my time and hung up.