Saying goodbye

I had my last physiotherapy appointment before seeing my doctor again. We discussed my options and it looks more and more like surgery will be my only hope. Even if it isn’t, I’m basically looking at six months before I can paddle again, and then I have to start getting back into shape. So there it is in front of me – I’ve got no season this year. Even if I manage to paddle a few miles, I’m not going to be racing, and I’m damn sure I’m not going to do the 90. I hope Doug and Mike don’t mind having me as pit crew again.

But even though I don’t know anything now that I didn’t know yesterday, last week or last month, even though I haven’t talked to the surgeon, I still find myself feeling very depressed. I suppose I should take solace in the fact that unlike my knee pain, my hip pain and even my elbow pain, this one has a definite cause and a solution.

So, so long kayak season 2011, so long Adirondack Canoe Classic, so long Long Lake Long Boat Regatta. So long Wednesday night time trials and Tuesday evenings out with the team. So long erging in Steven’s garage and Doug’s attic and coaching sessions with Dan. I’ll miss you all, but I’m going to do everything I can to come back stronger for 2012.

3 thoughts on “Saying goodbye”

  1. Around here, “saying goodbye” has a (very) different meaning than “saying goodbye to kayaking for a while”.

  2. Hello Paul,

    I’m sorry to hear that things have not worked out so far. There’s no denying the frustration that you feel. It sucks! You may find that you will be able to do some significant paddling later in the season, with just a different focus.

    Please don’t become a stranger to the team. I would very much hope that we can share some beers next season. What you have achieved in the kayak is most certainly impressive and has motivated me. You will overcome this setback. I know you will.

    Please continue to update us on your treatment.

    Best Wishes,


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