That can’t be good

After rebuilding the RAID on my colo box, the drive started reporting “50 offline uncorrectable sectors detected”. I figured I’d keep an eye on it and see if things get worse. A few weeks ago, I also started seeing “1 unreadable sectors detected”. Then a few days ago, the “50 offline uncorrectable sectors detected” went away, leaving just the “1 unreadable sectors detected”. Yesterday, I got a couple of “media error” reports and now it’s saying “2 unreadable sectors detected”.

That disk is a 1TB drive with 3 partitions – one swap, one used for /var/lib/xen (which is really only used on reboots), and one for the software RAID. I have a 2TB drive ready to go. What I’ve done is make 3 partitions exactly the same as the existing 3, and leave the rest of the disk open for expansion. I think what I should do is make the 4th partition of type “fd” (Linux raid autodetect) so if the first disk ever gets replaced with a 2TB disk I can add a second RAID to the first one.

I’m going to have to find some time to swap the drives. I wish I’d made note of which types of screwdrivers I need to open things up – unlike the old box, on this box the drives aren’t on convenient sleds.