Current radar picture
Current radar picture

This is the current radar picture. It’s 45 minutes until time for kayak team practice, and the practice schedule for today is “surfing”. Yeah, I don’t think I’m going…

Migration accomplished!

I’ve shutdown all three domUs on the old server and brought them up on the new server. So far, I’ve fixed a small issue with MySQL not starting up, which kept some of the web sites from starting up. But email appears to be flowing, the blog is up, news is up. Now to go through all the other services that should be running and make sure they are.

Rochester Open Water Challenge?

I may have been slightly optimistic to think that a mere 4 weeks after buying a surf ski I’d be ready to paddle the Rochester Open Water Challenge. It’s only 6 days to the race, and today I went out with Doug and Dennis to try to paddle the course. Instead, what I did was fall in. A lot. I must have fallen in and remounted 7 to 10 times, and each remount took 3 or 4 attempts before getting back in. I think I managed to paddle about 2 miles, and I’m more tired than I am after the 8 mile flat water paddle I did yesterday. Balance and remounting both use both different muscles than I’ve been using for all that flat water paddling I’ve been doing, and it doesn’t take much to exhaust me.

I haven’t gotten very good at balancing – the guys with more experience seem to just rock their hips without thought, where for me it’s entirely a conscious effort, which makes it too slow to react – I’m often doing exactly the opposite of what I need to be doing as a wave or boat wake passes. I need more experience. I can feel improvement over the last few weeks, but I’m still not good.

The other guys weren’t finding it particularly easy, and I take some solace from that, but Dennis only dumped a few times and I don’t think Doug dumped at all. But they also decided not to paddle the whole course. So maybe I’m not that far behind them. But if the conditions next week are like this, I’m not going to be able to complete the race.

Upgrades, Updates

I upgraded WordPress to 3.0, and to celebrate I switched to the new theme. I’m going to to want to replace that banner picture at some point, but otherwise I think it went ok.

I “racked” my new colo box at Of course the first thing I did when I got home was discover that I had 15 un-installed security upgrades, including the kernels. Oh oh. I went ahead and upgraded, in spite of the nagging voice telling me that this didn’t go well last time. And the first thing I discovered that when it upgraded the kernels, it didn’t keep all the tweaked settings I had in /boot/grub/menu.lst, not even in menu.lst~. I also discovered that when I backed up the system before I brought it over to the facility, I only backed up the root partition, not /boot. Dammit. I’m currently rsyncing some files from the old box to the new one, but when that’s done, I’m going to reboot the new one, and cross my fingers and hope it will work. If it doesn’t, I guess I’ll see how well LogicalSolutions takes to me visiting my box for a few hours tomorrow.

Update: I rebooted my box with the new kernel and it actually booted! Hurrah!