Undecided, but leaning…

As of right now, I’m about 75% sure that I’m not going to do the long race in the Open Water Challenge tomorrow. The weather forecast is for winds around 7mph from the WSW, which might favour my lack of wave skills by giving some protection from the wind near the shore, but Dan thinks that Ken might go to a “go straight downwind to a buoy a few miles out in the lake, turn and come back and repeat” format if the wind isn’t blowing into shore. If the swells are anything like they were today, I’m definitely doing the short course on the bay.

I think I’ve given it a good try to get ready for open water racing these last few weeks, but I’ve got a bit of a way to go before I’m ready to race it. Definitely next year, though.

After tomorrow, my focus will be back on the Thunderbolt as I get ready for Armond Basset (10 miles on the river) and then (maybe) the 90.