No such thing as a free lunch…

… or a flawless migration. Apparently the new IPs for my servers on on the SpamHaus SBL list. This is a major problem as several of the people on the mailing lists I run (including my address) use SBL to bounce email.

Hopefully I can get it delisted soon.

4 thoughts on “No such thing as a free lunch…”

  1. Having had the “pleasure” of meeting Spamhaus’ head guy personally, I agree with JK.
    You’re probably lucky he didn’t list your whole ISP for having a spammer for more than a microsecond.

  2. That’s the problem – the new ISP seems to have their entire block of IPs listed. It also appears the only way to get the block delisted is to prove that you booted off all your customer and sold the IP block to a new provider.

  3. Selling the IPs wouldn’t help, it would just substantiate his feelings that there’s a bulletproof hoster behind it all.

    Heck, he even started discussing if giving the IPs back to ARIN/RIPE/etc. and *them* handing them out again was “sufficient” to “proof” their innocence.

    As I said elsewhere, a raving lunatic. (Which is sad, really, because in times past, he was actually helping the anti-spam cause.)

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