Why I find Objective C a hard language to learn

Lots of methods get an NSIndexPath as the argument, and all the sample code that I’ve seen gets the current row out of the indexPath object using [indexPath row]. Sometimes they get the section number using [indexPath section]. Ok, that seems simple enough. Now look at the documentation for this class, which is what you see if you use the XCode research assistant to show you the documents:

NSIndexPath Class Reference.

I cannot for the life of me see any way to extract the information that you get the current row using “row” out of that document. It’s not there. No, instead you have to figure out that UIKit has added some methods to NSIndexPath, and find ‘row” and “section” in a different document called “NSIndexPath UIKit Additions”. Isn’t that intuitive?

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  1. I’ve wondered if it might make sense to download all the Apple docs as PDFs and then use Spotlight to find everything instead of using Xcode’s document search.

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