Excursion around the bay

I made another foray out into Irondequoit Bay. The conditions were pretty favourable – there was no wind at first, although it built steadily during the time I was out there, and was in my face on the way back. There were almost no wind-drive waves, which meant I was dealing almost entirely with boat wakes. And boy, did I deal with a lot of boat wakes. I don’t understand power boaters at all – well, except the ones out fishing, anyway. It seemed like there were 3 or 4 boats with two or three guys in each one that were just going up and down the bay. I don’t think there wasn’t a time when I couldn’t see at least one of the 4 approaching and another one receding. I don’t see the point, myself.

I made a pretty steady 6.0 mph up the bay. On the way back, the wind and my tiredness and the wakes slowed me down to around 5.0 mph for the first mile and a half. I had to keep stopping to rest on the last mile, and barely averaged 4.8 mph. My total time back to Baycreek was around 57 minutes. My best recorded time last year was 1:05, so that’s a big improvement, but not as much as I’d hoped.

After finishing, I went for another 2 miles on the creek. It was very hard. I was extremely tired and had to keep stopping for a rest. I’ve *got* to do better than that.

Afterwards, I met a couple of members of the team, and we were standing around talking when Paul D asked me what was on my shirt. I looked, and it seems like Yeah, I'm hard core! I had a bit of a rub spot on where my shirt bunched up under my PFD. That’s not good.