Well, that sucked

I know you’re tired of all those “good workout” blog posts, so I thought I’d have a lousy one just to keep it interesting.

I was intending to go out into the bay for another 5 miler and hopefully still have some energy left for a few miles on the creek. But I wasn’t counting on two things – one is that the thunderstorm that blew through yesterday is being trailed by a very strong wind (the airport is reporting winds gusting from 15 to 26 mph) and the other is that my right shoulder started to hurt after about a mile.

The waves weren’t so bad while they were coming right at me, but the wind was cold. And after passing “One Mile Point”, the wind started to swing to the one side and so did the waves. Because of my shoulder, I was wondering if I should turn around, but also wondering how I could turn around since that would involve going broadside to the waves at least momentarily. The shifting winds sort of made the decision for me – I was going to be broadside whether I turned or not. So I turned.

On the way back, I got good surf, but unfortunately my sore shoulder was preventing me from enjoying it. And the soreness got worse as I went on.

Oh well, maybe tomorrow.