And I’m alone again

The guy who wanted a ride from Muskegon to Oshkosh has changed his mind. Probably. He’s still looking for a ride home on Tuesday, possibly by bus, but unless he calls me sometime tonight or tomorrow while I’m on-route to Muskegon, I’m going to be alone.

Time to study that NOTAM one more time, I guess.

3 thoughts on “And I’m alone again”

  1. Geez, you scared me to death. I looked at the title and thought you were divorcing me, and taking a roundabout way of telling me about it.


  2. The Fisk arrival really isn’t too bad as long as you keep your mouth shut and follow directions.

    Think of it as being exactly like marriage.

    (sorry, Vicki. :))

  3. No offense taken. Paul one time said, to quote: “I take all the blame, and Vicki does everything else” and that wasn’t far wrong.

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