Oshkosh is surprisingly close. And the guy who had the club’s Dakota booked cancelled so I switched to it instead of the Archer I had booked, giving me a bunch more load capacity. So I guess it’s time to start getting my shit together.

The extra load capacity means I could bring another person and still have 200 pounds or more for camping gear and luggage. I’ve put out a call on the club mailing list, but no takers so far. Anybody here wanting to experience the greatest aviation show on earth? I’m currently planning to fly up on Sunday and back on Thursday morning, but I’m flexible.

5 thoughts on “So…Oshkosh?”

  1. Have you flown to Oshkosh before? My husband and I are planning to make the trek as well (from DC in our 172)… and it will be our first time attending. We’re a little nervous about the arrival, so are trying to figure out the time of the day with the lightest amount of inbound traffic.

  2. I’ve flown into Oshkosh once. Fortunately for me, there were low ceilings and a rain shower hit the field a minute before I got there, so I remained on the IFR flight plan and flew the VOR-A approach in visual conditions to 27 while VFR traffic was flying over me landing on 18L and 18R.

    I am told that the earlier the better for the traffic, and certainly my experience sitting in Camp Sholler listening to the scanner bears that out. I’m planning on a 7am EDT departure, which should make for about a 10:30am CDT arrival.

  3. @ Head in the Clouds – if you don’t want to try landing at OSH your first time, consider Appleton. Dad and I landed there in ’05 on the way back from Alaska (see description at the end of, and it was no problem. A teensy bit busy, nowhere near as busy as OSH itself, and there was excellent van service to and from Wittman Regional Airport. Enjoy!

  4. Thanks for the tips! We did a practice run to the AOPA Open House and the EAA Virginia Regional Fly-Ins… AOPA was a bit hectic– but with two of us, not so bad. Our general thought is to try and fly halfway there on Wed night, and then continue for an early morning (like 8:30 or 9am) arrival. Enjoy your trip!

  5. Have fun, Paul. Wish I could say I’d take that empty seat but after having just arrived home from 4 weeks on the road, and having taken the last week unpaid to accomplish such, it’s just not in the cards this year.

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