That can’t be a coincidence, can it?

I’m reading the latest Analog (or at least the one on top of my to-be-read pile, which grows faster than I can read it down, but which usually acts as a stack rather than a queue), and came across a story “Sand and Iron” by Michael Flynn. I noticed the name “Slugger O’Toole”, and immediately started thinking of the song “The Irish Rover”. And as I read further, I realized that all of the names in the story seemed to correspond to names in the song. Here is the mapping, in roughly the order they appear in the story:

Story Song
Nagaraj Hogan Hogan, from Country Tyrone
Captain Amos January ???
Micmac Anne Mick McCann from the Banks of the Bann
Slugger O’Toole Slugger O’Toole, who was drunk as a rule
Maggie Barns (aka Maggie B) Barnie McGee from the banks of the Lee
Fighting Bill Tirasi Fighting Bill Tracy, from Dover
Johnny Mgurk Johnny McGurk, who was scared stiff of work

As you can see, I can’t figure out “Amos January”, and the only unused name in the song is “Malone”. And the Maggie B to Barnie McGee mapping isn’t exactly a slam dunk either. But everything else works so well, to the point where Mgurk hides from work as well.