Developer dumbassedness

Every morning, there is an ISO of the new build of our software in the drop box. If any of your code is new in this build, you’re expected to “integration test” your code to make sure it at least doesn’t make anything worse. Most people do it on the Integration Test Plex but some of us have our own mini-plexes cobbled together out of obsolete equipment.

This morning, I installed the ISO on my mini-plex as per usual. Only problem: my entire content directory was missing, and none of the software would run because it had evidently been compiled with Java 1.6 and the mini-plex has Java 1.5 installed on it. It turns out that one of the developers who doesn’t work with us very closely put together a new installation procedure that requires a special DVD instead of our normal installation procedure that is supposed to reformat our content directory as XFS, and upgrade it to CentOS 5.1. When I complained that nobody told us that we needed to follow a special upgrade procedure, he said “why didn’t you wait until it passed integration testing?”. Because I was trying to integration test it, dumbass!

One thought on “Developer dumbassedness”

  1. I had a similar dumbass moment in a previous job. Someone changed an include file that I didn’t know existed, but my code included via two or three levels of indirection. Because of the order of the build, the first sign of a problem while compiling the module I was responsible for, and I got paged in the middle of the night to fix the “broken build”. I took an enormous amount of shit for that, and when I proved it wasn’t my fault, but the fault of the developer who hadn’t bothered to compile my module before checkin I didn’t even get an apology.

    I don’t work there any more.

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