5 thoughts on “Google beats lazyweb this time”

  1. I didn’t even see the original lazyweb question. It doesn’t show on my friends page, even though it does show if I look at your LJ directly.


  2. Stephen: interesting, it’s disappeared from my friends page too now even though I know it was certainly there earlier!

    Paul: you don’t half get some weird trackback spam; the one I spotted earlier led to a page of articles about muggings, murders, interviews with ladies who perform certain phone services, and a badly-written adult story with a title that’s also a Tom Waits lyric. I heartily approve!

  3. Yeah, it disappeared from my friend’s page after I edited it after entering this one. I think LiveJournal gets confused by the fact that I’m putting a GMT posting time on my posts (because stupid fucking PHP or WordPress can’t figure out how to ask the OS whether it’s DST or not).

    As for the trackback spam – I thought I was pretty good about deleting the trackback spam. Is there still some on here?

  4. Nope, it’s gone as far as I can tell — it was on this entry, I guess I just caught it at an opportune moment during a dull teleconference this afternoon…

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