I just don’t understand how people’s minds work

I got an email this morning to my waypoint generator email address asking where the person could get “waypoints for eastern Canada”. I asked if there was some specific problem with the waypoints that my generator provided? He responded that he couldn’t seem to get them to work with this list of three or four programs that he’d tried. I had never heard of them, so I looked up the ones I could find, and none of them said anything about supporting any data format that I provide in my waypoint generator (although one was listed as supporting GPX on the page that lists programs known to support GPX). I got the name of the data file that he’d produced from him and looked it up in the logs, and it appears that he’d generated a CoPilot file, a GPX file, and an AeroCalc file.

So it appears he was just trying random combinations of file formats and programs to see if he could magically find a combination that went together. I asked if that was what he was doing, and suggested he find a program that does what he wants and find what sort of data files it takes, he said that he was a pilot and a photographer, not a database expert.

I tried to explain that was like trying to open an Excel file in Photoshop, but I don’t think it’s getting through.

I guess I’ll never understand how people’s minds work. And I’m not entirely unhappy about that.