My TV set runs Linux!

I bought a new Sony Bravia HD TV today. When I unpacked it, I got a big surprise. The first paper I saw was a copy of the GPL License that included the notification that it includes the Linux kernel, busybox, insmod, and a bunch of libraries.

Because I don’t have a CableCard yet, I’m leaving the old Tivo hooked up. If I had any hair, I would have been tearing it out while trying to get things set up because I confused Composite video with Component Video. I hooked it up using Composite, and couldn’t understand why I wasn’t getting any picture when I selected Component input. Duh. I eventually noticed that the Composite plugs on the back where labelled “1” and “3”, and the video input settings in the menu were labelled “Video 1” and “Video 3” and “Component 1” and “Component 2”. And that was in spite of the fancy little icons showing the cable configurations beside each setting – I hadn’t realized that both pictures where only showing the video, not the audio, inputs so “Video” (ie Composite) only showed one input and “Component” showed three inputs. I felt like such a tool when I realized what I was doing wrong.

But even with just SD input, it sure looks nice.