Time to list my old 1U server

I bought this server several months ago to live on a colo rack. But it was flakey, so I bought another, much more expensive one and brought this one back home to experiment with. And so there it’s sat for months.

The problems I was seeing were drive related, but sometimes it was /dev/hda and sometimes it was /dev/hdb, and I figured that there were only two possibilities – either the IDE controller itself was pooched, or the drive cable was bad. Easy enough to test – I bought a new 80 pin IDE cable. I was going to try to try the Hitachi DFT “Exerciser” to stress the drives with the old cable, and then try again with the new cable to see if I get a different result.

I tried a bunch of different things, but I just couldn’t seem to get it running at all with the old cables. I’m running it down with the new cables and it’s running fine. I set it to run for 3 hours continuously. Once that works, it’s going on eBay, unless somebody reading here wants it.

It’s a VA Linux 1220. 2 1GHz Pentium 3 processors. 2 512Mb PC133 RAM. 2 10/100 Ethernet. Built in IDE and SCSI controllers (I’ve only tried the IDE). PS/2 keyboard port. I tried to boot it with a USB keyboard once, and it didn’t work right.

3 thoughts on “Time to list my old 1U server”

  1. How much do you want for it? I see Ebay has a 4Gb RAM version listed “buy it now” for $200 + $33 shipping.

  2. Hmm; other than disk (and I have lots of spare disk), this appears equivalent and has more memory.

    Sorry, $200 is, IMHO, slightly too much. I’d pay $200 including postage….

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