It’s here!

My “new” used 1U server is here. It’s a 1U VA Linux 1220 with two 1GHz Pentium IIIs, and 1Gb of RAM.
VA Linux 1220VA Linux 1220 (2)

It only has a 20Gb IDE drive, but I have a 250Gb IDE drive on order from NewEgg which should be here soon. (It also has a built in SCSI controller, if I ever decide I have more money than brains.) The built in CD-ROM doesn’t seem to work – the BIOS recognizes it, but it won’t boot from it. And after I installed using another CD-ROM (which doesn’t fit in the case properly), it won’t mount drives in the built-in CD-ROM. I’ve emailed the vendor asking if he can send me a working CD-ROM – I won’t write his feedback until that’s resolved. Another weird thing, it won’t boot if I have my KVM plugged into the USB port. But that’s not a great hardship.

It’s also really, really noisy. Can’t wait to send it off to a nice rack space somewhere.

I’ve got a Debian 3.1 base system installed on it already. Now to get Xen installed.

2 thoughts on “It’s here!”

  1. Is this the one with a special dongle for the KB/mouse?

    All 1U’s are really noisy because the fans must go so fast.

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