Interesting. To me, anyway.

I just noticed that after today’s flight, I’m on the last page of my log book. Soon I’m going to have to file this one away and start a new one. I’m going to miss this old guy. It’s been with me since my first flight on 27 June 1995, in N38290. The club just sold N38290 – it left for its one-way trip to the new owner on Monday. That flight was 0.7 hours – I’ve now done 440.4 hours, and by the time the book is filled, will probably be up around 450-455 hours. What a long strange and wonderful trip it’s been.

In other news, I went to an “aviation garage sale” today. A member of the local EAA chapter is shutting down his aviation business because he needs the garage space to build his Rans S-9. (I have to confess that when he was talking about other people’s S-9 projects, at first I thought he was calling them “asinine”.) I came away with a warm flight jacket, two t-shirts (my third “Bad Attitude” shirt, since the previous two wore out, and a Snowbirds shirt), and a deHavilland Beaver wall clock, all for $53.