Is “Redirect permanent” (301) really that hard to parse?

I just moved my blog from to I set up a “Redirect permanent” on the old location, so that anybody or anything using the old location will get automatically redirected to the new location. And for a lot of places that used to hit my blog at the old site (like rss feeders) seem to have handled the transition painlessly. For instance, NetNewsWireLite, which I use on my laptop, updated the subscription information and doesn’t appear to hit the old URL at all any more. Same with the LiveJouranl syndication.

But for some reason, a lot of them haven’t handled it correctly. For one thing, my spam load is down to almost nothing. Ok, that’s a good thing. But I also notice that some RSS feeders, like various “Planet” web sites, see a redirection from to, and feel like they can ignore the fact that the hostname part of the URL is different, and try to fetch the redirection at, which of course isn’t a valid URL. It can’t be that they have an old DNS cache entry for – it didn’t exist until a few days ago. It must be that they’re trying to be too clever, or not clever enough.