That’s a rack!

I put my server on the rack today and is open for business. I’ve already moved the Rochester Flying Club and Rochester Association of Family Mediators web sites over. As the DNS changes propogate, I’ll be able to remove the ones on the linode.

It appears that mail is working on the new site as well, so I’ll move the mailman mailing lists over pretty soon. I’ll probably move this blog over there as well. Then comes the hard part – moving the application over.

The only sour note is that when I started up the rack, one of the quarter share xens didn’t want to come up correctly. It complained about tons of fsck errors, and I decided to just wipe it and re-install it. I hope that doesn’t happen again. One thing I noticed is that the xen kernel doesn’t have the ext3 module compiled in, and so it’s mounting these file systems without journalling. I’m going to have to fix that.