A stupid idea, stupidly done

In amongst my podcasts, iTunes downloaded three “PDFcasts”, two from Make Magazine and one from PilotCast. Of all the ways that people on the Internet have found to re-implement the same basic idea as Usenet, this has got to be the worst. If I wanted content that I had to read on my computer, what’s wrong with a web page? Or better yet, an RSS feed for a web page. Or an email list. Or Usenet.

5 thoughts on “A stupid idea, stupidly done”

  1. Hm, would I be able to read from the iPod, though, while sitting at the dentist’s office or whatever? That’s the thing I’d want.

    Or even run it through a text-to-speech engine, so I could listen to newsgroups while on the treadmill. Maybe include email too?

    Yeah, right. Like I need another reason to want to kill top-posters and overquoters and spammers.

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