Why I hate dentists

They say “you’re going to feel a slight pinch” when they really mean it’s going to feel like they’re driving an ice pick through the roof of your mouth into your eye socket.

They tell you to sit up so they can take an x-ray while you’ve got a 2 foot long pipe cleaner sticking out of hole in your front tooth. Then they tell you to hold the film in place with your finger.

They keep screwing these things that look about 2 feet long into your mouth, and then pulling it out. I kept closing my eyes when they brought it out because I was sure it was going to be covered in blood.

All during the root canal, you can hear her stomach growling, and afterwards she tells you not to eat for an hour. Yeah, I bet you’re not going to wait an hour.

And after it all, they tell you you’re going to have to come back in a week for more pain.

Oh, this bodes well for meeting our end of month deadline

The ClearCase server machine is still dead. Evidently both hard drives went tits up yesterday, and nobody can bring it up. And I’ve got a bunch of files not checked in – from what I remember back when we had a ClearCase administrator, files that aren’t checked in aren’t backed up.

And just to make my day complete, I can’t log into Lotus Notes.

Good thing I’ve got some movies on my iPod.