META: Don’t use OpenID

OpenId comment authentication seems to be extremely hit-or-miss. It works for some, and for others their posts get flagged as spam, and for others still they get swallowed entirely. I’ve tried to debug it, but I haven’t figured out what’s wrong. I tried to deactivate it, but it just made things worse. So until further notice, please don’t use OpenID or your LiveJournal ID to comment on here.

Update: I just remembered that I had to hack the source in order to make this work before, and I recently installed an update. The update probably over-wrote my hack. Now to dig though the backup to see if I can find the hacked file.

6 thoughts on “META: Don’t use OpenID”

  1. Joke’s on you, rone, that’s not an OpenID comment!

    Paul, I suspect the people who aren’t getting flagged are really not using OpenID even though they think they are. If the name and email fields are filled out when the user hits “submit comment,” anything entered into the OpenID field will be ignored. These fields are often autofilled by the browser.

  2. Well, I tried commenting last night using my LJ ID (and I did get a screen indicating that it worked at least to the point of authenticating me with LJ). The last screen I got was that the comment was now in a moderation queue (from which it hasn’t emerged).

  3. Alice and Rone, both of your Open ID comments last night got screwed up – the moderation queue showed an empty comment that wasn’t attached to a valid post. That’s when I realized that I’d made a code change to fix the “not attached to a valid post” thing a few weeks/months ago, which probably got clobbered by the upgrade.

  4. I meant to comment on that – I tried to comment on the Dilbert verse thing a couple of weeks ago and it didn’t accept my LJ account as openid.

    Or rather it claimed to work, but then my comment didn’t get posted, and when I tried a 2nd time it got flagged as a duplicate of an existing comment.

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