Fun with statistical clustering

I have a 60Gb iPod with 10,000+ songs on it. Every day when I get to work I hit “Shuffle Songs” and probably hear 100 to 125 of them during the course of the day. You’d think with such a vast library to hear from, it would be rare indeed where I hear two songs from the same album in one day. But that doesn’t appear to be the case. Monday, I heard at least three different songs from Shonen Knife, even though they make up only 46 of the 10,000 songs. Tuesday it seems like I heard a lot of classical, including at least two Bach piano concertos (although only one was Glen Gould). I’ve definitely heard at least one Johnny Cash song each of those three days.

Very odd. The mind is pretty amazing at finding patterns in randomness, isn’t it?

Customer Service, FBO Division

Because of the move, I evidently missed out on one of my chart subscription deliveries, so I have expired US charts. Also, I’m planning a trip to Springfield MA in a couple of weeks, so I need MA approach charts. Rather than order them on-line, I thought I’d do the right thing and go to the local FBO to buy them.

On Saturday afternoon, I went to Rochester Air Center, and the door was locked. That’s a bit weird during a weekend day, but the weather was low overcast and a bit drizzly, so maybe they figured nobody was going to be flying. I went across the way to Airventure Aviation, and the sign said they were open, but again there was nobody there. Hmmm. Not great customer service, I thought, not to mention being damned inconvenient.

Tonight, at about 5:15, I tried again. This time, Airventure was closed and locked, but Rochester Air Center’s door was open. I went in, and there was nobody around. The chart display case was open, I could have helped myself, but I didn’t think I had the sort of relationship with them that would allow me to do that, especially if somebody walked in while I was taking the charts out but before I wrote the IOU. (Yeah, I could have written the IOU first, but you know what I mean.)

So now I’m left with a dilema: Either I try again, and risk not finding anybody there, and the possibility that I’ve left it too late to order, or do I order on-line, or do I just download and print the charts I think I’ll need. I don’t like the latter choice much, because it means my options are limited if I have to divert.