The perils of automatic updates

Last night at 3:20am, I was awakened (awoke? woken up? woke up?) by a lot of beeping. Evidently every xterm open on the Linux server was getting a “wall” message from the UPS monitoring software. That’s four or five Terminal windows on my laptop, a couple on Vicki’s laptop, a few on the G4, and a bunch of VCs on the Linux box itself. Quite a noise. The messages were repeats of

Communications with UPS evolution@localhost lost

UPS evolution@localhost is unavailable

Communications with UPS evolution@localhost established

I couldn’t deal with it at 3:20am, so I just shut down NUT and went back to bed. Investigation this morning shows that Fedora shipped me a new version of NUT last night, and it doesn’t like something about my configuration. I still haven’t figured out what.