Never trust the label

I’ve just wasted 4+ hours because I trusted the label that said that the CD our build-meister gave me had the latest build on it. I guess I trusted the build-meister too. I should have noticed that many of the RPMs said “3.6-006” instead of “3.6-007” like I was expecting.

Instead, I have to rebuild two systems (a CMS and a CP, as defined in the post the other day) back to RedHat 7.3 and version 3.3 of our software, configure it, burn a new DVD with CentOS 3.4 and version 3.6-007 of our software, and upgrade the two systems. See you in another 4 hours.

Oh, and did I mention that the air conditioning at work has one of its three chillers off-line, and has for the last three days, and so it’s hot and sweaty here?

One thought on “Never trust the label”

  1. You don’t happen to have any random IM accounts, do you?

    I’m also going to be here until midnight. Again.

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