What the fuck was that?

I’ve got top running in a very large window, and I happened to glance over at it and suddenly every process on the screen was httpd. Then I looked up at my httpd/access log, and I see that this one IP hit this blog 50 times simultaneously, with two different referrer strings, but quite different browser ident strings. Ok, somebody is doing something stupid or something quite malicious.

iptables -I INPUT -s -j DROP

Bye bye, asshole.

I want to scratch that part of my brain out

I had the iPod on random play, as usual, and I had a loaded it up with random songs from my huge collection, as usual. And I got treated to something that’s actually worse than William Shatner singing “Lucy In the Sky with Diamonds”. Rolf Harris doing “Bohemian Rhapsody”. With digeredoo. ARRRRRGGGGGGHHHH!!!!

I don’t even like Bohemian Rhapsody when Queen does it. Whatever possessed me to put that in my iPod?

Work in progress: Statement of Principles

I’ve been working on this Rants and Revelations » Statement of Principles page for a couple of days now. It’s sort of an enumeration of the things I believe, even the contradictory ones. I’m still working on it, so check back for updates. But check it out, I think it’s getting into a decent form.

There will be a permanent link to it under the “Pages” heading on the side bar of this blog.

iPod badness

As anybody who reads my blog obsessively would know, I have a love/hate relationship with my iPod. It’s a wonderful device, and it keeps me from getting all stabby with my cow orkers, but I don’t have good luck keeping them working.

For the past couple of days, when I’ve started it up in the morning for the drive in to work, played one song, got about 20-30 seconds into the second one, and frozen. Or it’s just skipped one song before freezing on the second. Each time, doing a reboot (hold down the menu and play buttons, curse yourself for not removing your earbuds first because it makes a really loud click, wait for the menu to reappear) has fixed it. Until this morning, when the first attempt to play made a lot of those drive chuckling sounds, and I could feel the drive head moving, which is unusual. It of course immediately froze up, and I rebooted, but it wouldn’t come up. I got an Apple icon and then nothing else. Thank goodness it didn’t show the bad disk or the sad iPod icons. I rebooted a second time, and this time it came up.

Last time I hooked it up to my laptop (last week some time, I think), it updated the firmware to version 1.5. I think it’s time to re-lookup how to reflash the firmware again. I wonder if I can go back to the previous version?