Work in progress: Statement of Principles

I’ve been working on this Rants and Revelations » Statement of Principles page for a couple of days now. It’s sort of an enumeration of the things I believe, even the contradictory ones. I’m still working on it, so check back for updates. But check it out, I think it’s getting into a decent form.

There will be a permanent link to it under the “Pages” heading on the side bar of this blog.

2 thoughts on “Work in progress: Statement of Principles”

  1. Wow, that’s pretty inspirational.

    Too much to comment on, but coincidentally I was having the debate with an American friend yesterday about the word “liberal” being an insult in the campaign for the last US election. The very concept of liberalism being a bad thing just doesn’t make sense to this Brit…

    The page is a good idea though, and reads very well. I may have to write one of my own…

  2. But now once again I see the Christian church being used as an instrument of George W. Bush’s narrow minded hegemony, I see people I love or people that people I love love dying, and suddenly I’m not as sure that I believe that the Christian church is a force of liberalism, and I am not as sure I believe in a God who is interested in the day to day affairs of the world.

    The answer to evil men misusing and abusing my church isn’t to turn away. It’s to make more noise, and say “No, he’s wrong. THIS is what it’s about.”

    Faith isn’t certainty. It’s persistance in the face of the horrible things that happen in this human world.

    If God were going to bail us out of every disaster, natural or man-made, how would we find out what we’re capable of?

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