Hit me, spammers

I switched from MovableType to WordPress so that I could take advantage of all the fancy new spam fighting features in WordPress – and because I was stuck on MT 2.661 and development in the MT world was passing me by. Initially I was reluctant because WP is written in PHP and I don’t know if it’s the language or the people who use the language, but PHP web sites tend to be great gaping holes with a big welcome mat for spammers, trojans, script kiddies and every other anti-social reject on the net.

So now I’m sitting here checking my SpamKarma page several times a day to see how well it’s working, but the spammers are still attempting to hit my old blog – I see the hits in my httpd logs for “GET /movabletype/custom-comments.cgi over and over again.

Sad but true – I can’t wait for the spammers to find my new blog.