I seem to have become the local media’s “aviation guy”

It started when RNews called me after some guy crashed near the airport. Evidently they got my name from the Rochester Flying Club web site. I tried very hard to say positive things about aviation and not to speculate on what the guy might have done wrong, and I figured they’d probably hate me.

Then they called me after Bill Law crashed and died. I did the same thing – except for the fact that I heard about his death from the RNews reporter, which is pretty shocking, and because I knew and liked Bill I could say more about what a great guy he was and how important he was to aviation in Rochester.

Well, it’s continuing on. Today I got a call from a local reporter who wanted to know if I’m following Steve Fossett in the Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer. I told him that I’ve been watching the
Virgin Atlantic Global Flyer : Flight Tracker for every waking hour since before he took off until now. He asked me some background stuff, and asked me if I’d like to be doing what Fossett is doing. I said I wouldn’t mind being able to spend all my time doing aviation adventures, but I don’t think I’d want to spend 80 hours in a noisy cockpit. He then said that if Steve makes it they’ll probably want some reactions from local pilots.

Ok, I guess I’m up to 10 minutes of fame.