So you want to be a news admin?

I volunteer my time to administer the news servers at The National Capital Freenet in Ottawa, mostly because after GeoVision shut down it was my main place to read news. After the last minor crisis in the news servers (caused by the regular sysadmins adding a new modem pool and a new netblock without telling me), somebody was bitching and moaning about how the news administrator doesn’t live in Ottawa, and therefore doesn’t attend meetings and “doesn’t really know what’s going on at NCF these days”. And it was pointed out that the reason the NCF doesn’t have a news administrator who lives in Ottawa and goes to meetings is that nobody wants the job, and every time I try to quit the entire board of directors and half the members beg me to stay. So somebody asked what it would take to become a news administrator. What follows is a list I quickly wrote off the top of my head.
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In search of a synonym

In an internal design discussion document, I wrote about whether we should prevent customers from being “dumb-asses” . I only used “dumb-asses” because I originally wrote “ass hats” and was trying to think of something milder. It didn’t occur to me after I sent it that I probably should have said something more like “stupid” or “not acting in their best interests” or something. But that’s the price you pay for reading when you’re at work.

Oh darn.

Ok, no progress today on getting my email address and phone number listed in the corporate directory, so no internet access. But on the plus side, I can no longer log into the Lotus Notes system, so that’s one good thing that’s come out of this.