Couldn’t stand it

After going all weekend without my new laptop, I called up MacShack for a progress report. According to them, the replacement part (the hinge/clutch) is back-ordered and Apple hasn’t gotten back to him on whether there is adjustment that they could do themselves. So before I could even suggest it he suggested that I come and claim the Powerbook until they can get the part in.

In other news, as predicted, Apple immediately came out with a new bump to the Powerbook. That’s the only reason I got a good price on it, after all. Nothing that I can’t live without – a 1.67GHz processor instead of 1.5GHz (a whole 11%) and a 100G drive instead of an 80G. I kind of like the idea of that fancy two finger track pad thing, and the acceleratometer that senses when you’re dropping the Powerbook and parks the drives sound cool. But I’d rather have a few bucks in my pocket instead.