Today’s jihad

Today I wish to hunt down everybody who makes an email virus scanner that sends back a message to the “From” address telling them that the message that they sent contained a virus, and all the morons who install these things without disabling this option, and kill them. Slowly.

Free clue: VIRUSES FORGE THE FROM ADDRESS, FUCKWADS! The “helpful” message ends up harrassing some innocent third party. And because you all feel you need to customize your “helpful” message some how, it’s impossible to filter these damn things out.

I get over 1000 pieces of spam a day, and all but one or two are filtered out by my spam filters. But I get 10 or more of these virus warnings a day, and most of them get through my filters. So most of the spam I have actually deal with in terms of seeing the “new mail” indication and opening up a mail client and reading it and deleting it are these messages.

One thought on “Today’s jihad”

  1. Amen brother… I get the same things. What is worse is that I have to explain to my boss, who then has to explain it to the head of the centre, how viruses do this and why its not actually a problem.

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