Bye bye birdy

I came home tonight to find my oldest step-daughter Stevie and her friend Lindsay had a tiny little sparrow in one of the spare bird cages downstairs. I guess even at 20 years old, the urge to help poor defenseless animals is still strong in young women. They’d found him hopping around the driveway. He was very very young and very tiny. He seemed almost paralysed with fear, not that I blame him. The girls had given him food and water, but he seemed too small for solid food.
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You know what would be cool?

You know what would be cool? If there was a Mozilla plug-in where I could click a button on any text field and it would pop up my favourite text editor (in my case, vim, a graphical vi clone) to edit the text field, instead of using the built-in editor.

The main reason I’d like to use my own editor is that the built-in editor is too mouse-intensive. I like vi because I can navigate with home-row keys.

The other reason is that I’m continually hitting vi command keys, which does entirely the wrong thing in Mozilla.


Damn damn damn FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

This morning my elbows are hurting. And they’re not responding to ibuprohen either. This feels like the start of the two years of elbow pain that I got after trying for a week to paddle a canoe for exercise. I guess my plans to try a different kayak some evening this week had better go on-hold. Perhaps forever.

Dammit, why can’t I catch a break? All I want out of life is for something fun I can do that will give me some exercise so I don’t die of a heart attack when I’m 45. IS THAT TOO FUCKING MUCH TO ASK FOR, GOD?