Damn damn damn FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!

This morning my elbows are hurting. And they’re not responding to ibuprohen either. This feels like the start of the two years of elbow pain that I got after trying for a week to paddle a canoe for exercise. I guess my plans to try a different kayak some evening this week had better go on-hold. Perhaps forever.

Dammit, why can’t I catch a break? All I want out of life is for something fun I can do that will give me some exercise so I don’t die of a heart attack when I’m 45. IS THAT TOO FUCKING MUCH TO ASK FOR, GOD?

3 thoughts on “Damn damn damn FUCK FUCK FUCK!!!”

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about this. I read your previous entry, about wondering whether you’d overdo it without Vicki or the kids there to moderate things, and it did sound like you had a more strenuous day kayaking than you would have if they’d been there.

    I hope the elbows calm down enough in a week or two to let you try again; maybe the lesson is just that you really do need to keep things to small doses, at least at first. Which would be frustrating, but hopefully not as frustrating as having to quit it altogether.

  2. Jesus. That fucking SUCKS. I’ve been really enjoying your entries about it, too. Keeping my fingers crossed that they’ll eventually respond to the ibuprofen and rest.

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