Spammers are more adaptive than viruses…

…and about as pleasant.

Yesterday I noted that the current incarnation of MovableType + MT-Blacklist makes the link in comments into a redirection, probably to reduce the utility of these fields for spammers trying to increase their Google PageRank. So of course what do I find when I wake up this morning? Two comments on very old blog entries with about 5 copies of a spammer’s URL in the body of the text of the comment. Thanks to MT-Blacklist, it only took about five mouse clicks to remove these entries and put the URL they were spamming into my blacklist and check to see if they’d posted any other comments from that IP. Suck on that, spammer.

2 thoughts on “Spammers are more adaptive than viruses…”

  1. If i ran an ISP, i would make a privacy statement that includes, “If you spam using our service, or spam elsewhere advertising your service hosted here, we will make sure EVERYONE knows where you live.”

  2. Whatever you’re doing causes weird things to happen in the LiveJournal feed of your blog; these things don’t happen in other feeds of MT-based blogs. Instead of getting a teaser with a link to the actual entry, I see a teaser with two separate and syntactically-different links:


    The first one is what used to be there, and clicking on it works fine. The second one is some kind of redirect that doesn’t work properly. It expands to (the first part is the URL of my Friends page), and clicking on it, not surprisingly, gives a 404.

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