Never noticed that before…

I never noticed this before, but if you put a URL in when you’re commenting on my blog, it doesn’t actually put the URL in there, but rather puts in a URL for a local redirection CGI that will send you to the correct place. I wonder if that’s to stop comment spammers from getting the Google PageRank points that they’re trying for? I don’t remember this before, so I wonder if it’s something that came along when I upgraded to MT 2.661, or when I installed MT-Blacklist.

I see that Misha’s blog, which uses an older version of MT, doesn’t seem to have this feature.

One thought on “Never noticed that before…”

  1. Cripes! It is cold where you are right now.

    It must be, oh, 44 degrees here.

    Wait, it is 47 degrees where you are.

    Never mind.

    I really liked your slam of Taco and Michael on /. (re: MPAA and camcorders).

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