Damn Damn Damn Damn

I was just entering a new “Bad Job Experiences” entry, and had been working on it for about an hour when I suddenly got a pop-up “The application Mozilla has unexpectedly quit”. Buggrit. I haven’t had Mozilla quit on me since the 0.9 days. But that’s the third time an application has unexpectedly quit on my today, so I guess it’s time for a reboot.

I think next time I’m going to edit these entries using vi and cut and paste them. At least when vi quits, I can do a “vi -r” and get back most of it.

I don’t fucking believe it.

More in U.S. Say Bush Did All Possible to Stop Sept. 11 Attacks

After Richard Clarke’s forthrightness, and the administration’s spin, evasions, personal attacks on Clarke, and outright lies, MORE people think Bush did the right thing? I think the whole damn country has gone stupid.

Oh yeah, he did all he could. After all, he ignored the warnings of his counter-terrorism advisor, put together a panel that never met, appointed a cold war expert on the Soviet Union as his National Security Advisor instead of somebody who understood the current threats, and concentrated on settling old scores in Iraq to the exclusion of all other foreign policy.

And 43 percent of the nation is buying this line.