I’ve decided…

…that there is one thing worse that the epislon sub-morons who get viruses. And that’s the idiots who wrote those “oh so helpful” mail clients that when they detect an incoming virus, they strip the virus payload and send the rest of the message back to the person in the From line of the message. Has there been a virus in the last 3 years where the address in the From line wasn’t a forgery? Who thought this would be helpful? And why is he still allowed to breathe?

At least I can filter out viruses by dropping anything with a Microsoft executable payload. But I can’t filter out these “virus reports” because they’re all different.

3 thoughts on “I’ve decided…”

  1. I just had to calm down an irate Mac user who has over a thousand of those messages queued up on our mail server. He’s on dialup, so popping them takes too long. He wants someone to complain to-don’t we all?

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