Do a better job of voting than California did, ok?

Plane & Pilot magazine is having an on-line poll for the best aviation related PDA software. As some of you already know, I’m rather heavily involved supporting my favourite piece of aviation related PDA software. Of course, CoPilot is free so it can’t win against software that actually buys advertising in the magazine running the poll, but it would still be cool if they actually report the vote correctly. So if you don’t mind on-line votes, I’d appreciate it if you’d go in there, select “Other” in the drop down, and put “Laurie Davis’ CoPilot 4.3” in the “please specify” box.


3 thoughts on “Do a better job of voting than California did, ok?”

  1. OK, I did it. What do I get?

    And, just to test to see if you have the html turned on:

    This should be in italics

    Ed: Not yet, huh?

  2. Sigh. Did you know that “preview” doesn’t render html, posting does?

    Just sayin’.

  3. Thanks for your vote of confidence. I’m the publisher of PLANE & PILOT and I would like you to know that our vote will be counted accuratly or at least as accuratly as it can be with some people trying to stuff the ballot box. You will note that a lot of “Non” advertisers are included in this reader’s poll. In fact most are not advertisers. All we are trying to do with the RCA is make people aware of the products that are out there that we fell are good products and get the readers to go to our Website and become familiar with it.

    Best regards,
    Mike McMann

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