Another video, not mine

Baycreek Paddle Center recorded a great promo video for the Wednesday Night Time Trials. Since my videos show up ahead of it if you search YouTube, I’m embedding it here to improve its search ranking. And to show you how awesome it is.
[youtube _fRKo5-RLzY]

6 thoughts on “Another video, not mine”

  1. Is that you at 0:44 and (around) 1:20?

    You seem to spend a whole lot of your time jpaddling udging by the amount of related blog posts.

  2. Still unemployed, still looking. My last contract was at a place that had a bunch of contractors, and they kept all the young cheap ones and let go all the older experienced ones.

  3. Is there any particular reason, why the video is filed under rant?
    Wikipedia says “… it is typically an attack on an idea, a person or an institution” – I find the video not “attacking” at all.

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