Maybe VPS or cloud *is* the way to go, after all.

More problems setting up the new colo box:

  • I shut down with all three domUs running, and when it came back up, xend wasn’t running so they wouldn’t start up again. Further investigation showed that I hadn’t made my root partition big enough to handle when it saved the current xen state to /var/lib/xend. So I made a new lvm partition for /var/lib and mounted that instead. So far, so good.
  • While I was investigating this, I noticed my software raid was running in degraded state, because it had lost /dev/sda3. I re-added it and it started to rebuild it.
  • While it was rebuilding, I noticed that xen1, my first domU wasn’t running any more. When I tried to recreate it, it told me I couldn’t recreate it because its main disk, /dev/xen-space/xen1-space, was mounted in a guest domain. Oh oh.
  • Then I got a kernel panic. Double oh oh.
  • I rebooted, and tried to rebuild the raid without xend running, but I got another kernel panic.

This is supposed to be easy and fun, right?

I’m currently booted with the rescue disk, and I’m trying to rebuild the raid again. If that dies, it might be time to cut my losses.