The Facebook “Suggestions” box, which normally shows me people who know somebody I know or groups that a Facebook “friend” or two has joined, is currently suggesting “We can find 1,000,000 people who DO believe in Evolution before June”. There are only two problems with that:

1) Evolution is a fact. It doesn’t matter if you believe in it or not, it just is. The only people who are swayed by arguments about whether something is true or not by how many other people “believe” in it or not are idiots. The world didn’t suddenly start orbiting around the sun because a majority of people “believed” Galileo and Copernicus, it was always that way. And it didn’t stop doing so when Galileo renounced his theory under torture. And anthrogenic global climate change isn’t going to go away if you stick your fingers in your ears and go “LA LA LA I DON’T BELIEVE IN YOU”. (I’d say that idiots who can be swayed by majority belief arguments aren’t worth arguing with, but unfortunately they hold a lot of political power in this country.)

1a) As a scientific fact, I don’t think “evolution” deserves that magisterial capital letter.

2) The fan group, rather than presenting facts or arguments about evolution, is actually more about making fun of people who believe in one or more Gods, especially Christians. So maybe they should state that as their purpose, instead of making it about evolution, a scientific fact that many theists, even Christians, understand is true.

2 thoughts on “Facebook”

  1. It always amazes me that people care about what I “believe”. I’m a lot more interested in evidence-backed knowledge and the process of obtaining more of that.

    But some people still want to live in the Dark Ages. I guess it must be fun.

  2. Well, if I were born 500 years earlier I probably threw rocks at people suggesting that the earth is in fact round, because “people from down under will fall off, doofus”.

    There are arguments against evolution, and I’m ready to hear them, for example “if men did evolve from fish why are there dogs and horses and apes still here?” Nature has not exterminated apes. So I count that as one argument against evolution. Thats what I call process of collection evidence-based knowledge.

    I haven’t decided if the a final total proof “100% of everything there is was created 100% of evolution” means there is zero god or if that proof (should it exist) can mean that 17 (or 71 or 1) god(s) just take a long day off at the spa thinking about the nicer things you have (or can do) if you’re a god.

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