Mapping out the season

NYMCRA has announced their points calendar for this year. It’s only seven races this year, instead of the ten last year. Assuming that these races are going to be on the same weekend as last year, here’s what my race calendar looks like so far:

Probable Date Race Points Race Comments
15 May Round The Mountain Y I didn’t do this one last year because it was too early. It was pretty rough. I may need to use the Looksha.
5 June Tupper Lake 9 Miler N Not a points race, even though it was last year. It was my first real long distance race, and it’s very well suited to me, being a river without massive waves or long shallow stretches.
12 June SLVP Madrid Y Up near Ogdensburg, NY. 9 miles with a portage. I know nothing about it, but the Google satellite view shows Madrid is on a river with a lot of shallows.
26 June Rochester Open Water Challenge Y I’m hoping I’ll be comfortable enough in waves by then to use my Thunderbolt, or maybe borrow a surf ski.
10 July Armond Bassett Y This was my first 10 miler last year, and in spite of the thunderstorms and my bad pacing, I’m looking forward to it again. It will be a perfect race for the Thunderbolt.
17 July Electric City Regatta Y 12 mile race in Rotterdam, NY. I don’t know anything about it, but the web page says it starts on the upriver side of a lock, so it’s probably an up and back race.
1 August Owasco Lake Challenge Y I missed this one last year because Vicki and I went to Pulaski with the Huggers Ski Club. I heard it was a good one.
8 August Great Race N This isn’t a points race, but I enjoyed it this year and Vicki is talking about maybe doing the short course.
25 September Long Lake Long Boat Regatta Y My favourite race last year.

I’ll probably fill in some non points races too. I enjoyed Tupper Lake last year, and even though it’s not a points race, I’ll probably do that one.