This can’t be right

Is there anybody out here who knows anything about Subversion? I’m very new to it, and I think I might be used to better revision management systems like ClearCase and Git. Here’s the situation: My boss asked me to fix this project so that it could be built with Maven instead of Ant. One of the important things I had to do to was to move src/com to src/main/java/com, and move test/com to src/test/java/com, which I did using the “svn mv” command. I foolishly assumed that since I used Subversion commands to move the directories, that Subversion would then know that things had been moved. And when I merged my branch into the trunk, it appeared to work. But now somebody else just finished work on a branch that he branched off before my work. So we go to merge his stuff into trunk, and basically Subversion appears to think “ok, he made changes to src/com/foo/bar/, but that directory doesn’t exist any more, so it’s irrelevant, so discard it” instead of what I expected, which was “ok, he made changes to src/com/foo/bar/, but src/com has been moved, so I need to merge that into src/main/java/com/foo/bar/”.

Is there a way to make Subversion do the revision management, or am I going to be manually merging this guy’s changes for the next two days?